Employee Assistance
Program, LLC

We keep your confidence and lend a helping hand...

LifeBalance Employee Assistance Program, LLC

An  EAP serving employers and employees in north-central North Carolina, in affiliation with the Department  of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of North Carolina  Greensboro.  LifeBalance EAP includes a local network of providers to assist  employees at workplaces who contract with LifeBalance on an annual basis for Employee Assistance services. Employees and their immediate family members are eligible for assistance.  If you are uncertain as to who your EAP provider may be, contact your Human Resource department with your employer, or check your employer website under Employee Benefits.  

EAP Consultant

Kathy Melvin, M.A., CEAP
336-616-6593  (cell)
 Gateway Research Park
 5900 Summit Avenue, 

 Browns Summit, NC  27214