About Us


LifeBalance  EAP has provided quality services for over 20 years to businesses,  industries, and community agencies in north-central North Carolina. An  EAP is a company benefit that provides an offer of confidential  assistance to employees and their immediate family members in times when  confronted with problems in their personal lives or in job  performance.  Employee Assistance services also emphasize work/life balance  and may be combined with promotion of corporate wellness programs.  EAP  consultants work with business managers to integrate a program that  meets the identified needs and goals of each specific workplace  environment.

Who Are We?

EAP Consultants are trained professionals  that are experienced in dealing with a variety of behavioral,  emotional, medical, and financial programs and are familiar with the  resources available in the community to assist employees. EAP Consultants help assess a problem, whatever it may be, and refer to the  best resource to assist in that particular situation.   In addition,  our consultants are trained in crisis debriefing and workplace violence  prevention/intervention. 
We provide policy consultation to business and industry to assist  management with appropriate policy and procedure tools for intervention,  such as substance abuse/drug-free workplace, performance standards,  business conflict management, and others related to specific workplace  needs. 


Kathy Melvin, M.A., CEAP