Philosophy and Mission

 The focus of Life Balance EAP is to  assist in resolution of work/life circumstances in order to help  individuals maintain a positive and productive lifestyle.

LifeBalance EAP is committed to EAPA's  definition of Employee Assistance Programs.  According to EAPA's  Professional Standards, an EAP is: 
"A set of professional services designed to improve and/or  maintain the productivity and healthy functioning of the workplace and  to address a work organization's particular business needs through the  application of specialized knowledge and expertise about human behavior  and mental health".

The EAP Core Technology reflects essentials components of the Employee Assistance profession and includes (among others): 

(1) Consultation with, training of, and assistance to work  organization leadership (managers, supervisors, and union officials)  seeking to manage troubled employees, enhance the work environment, and  improve employee job performance.

(2) Confidential and timely problem identification/assessment  services for employee clients with personal concerns that may affect job  performance.

(3) Referral of employee clients for diagnosis, treatment, and assistance, as well as case monitoring and follow-up services.