LifeBalance  EAP offers a variety of services and training opportunities for both  employers and employees. Confidential assessment and referral are  provided for the following life circumstances: Family/Marital,  Depression and Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Grief and Loss, Traumatic  Events, Financial, and Workplace Issues.

An initial appointment is provided to all employees and immediate family  members at NO COST to the employee.  Any recommended treatment would be  the financial responsibility of the employee but health insurance often  covers part of the expense. See below for a list of services. We are continuously striving for  improvement, any service requests are welcomed.

  LifeBalance EAP Services Include:

  •  Confidential Short-term Counseling/Problem Resolution  
  •  EAP Program Design and Implementation 
  •  Supervisor/Management Training 
  •  Pre-paid Diagnostic Assessment for Employees and Dependents 
  •  Assistance with Internal program Promotion 
  •  Marketing services including brochures, posters, on-site visits 
  •  Annual Reports 
  •  Program Evaluation
  •  Ongoing Supervisor and Management Consultation 
  •  Critical Incident Debriefings CISD - on-site Industrial Trauma/Accidents 
  •  Wellness Training Options including - stress management, smoking cessation, conflict resolution 
  •  On-site (if preferred) Confidential Follow-up at No Additional Charge
  •  Links to Both Private and Local Community-based Resources